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Homepage Help : There are several purposes of this website that is specially designed to make available to visitors Sri Aurobindo's Epic poem "Savitri a Legend and a Symbol" for their sadhana.

1. It is to make available to listeners Savitri in an Audio from as recited by Shraddhavan

The Savitri Canto Recordings webpage at this site has links to the webpages for individual cantos, books, parts and the whole of Savitri itself.

2. To help the visitors to read Savitri correctly. The purpose of the reading exercise to get the correct rhythm of Savitri by reading aloud alongside Shraddhavan's reading . The reading exercises are grouped in 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- line sentences.

There are separate context sensetive helps provided at the Savitri Canto Recordings page and at the Reading Exercise page. Visitors are encouraged to go through them.

3. Another purpose of this website is to phonetically preserve Savitri over next thousands of years as outlined in the presentation

Savitri Preservation

Visitors having their own sites are encouraged to mirror the website as requested in the Mirror link. All the material at this site is freely available and can be copied or downloaded by anyone.

4. One more purpose is to make availble to visitors as much material as possible related to Savitri.

The fonts are deliberately kept in large size as several listeners of the Savitri are elderly people who have difficulty reading small fonts. One can change the size of fonts by the capabality provided by browsers such as Cntr + (for increasing) Cntr - (for reducing) the font size.

The readers are welcome to send their feedback, suggestions and material related to Savitri to the webmaster at Email:

Thank you for visiting the site.