Savitri Three Line Exercise

First read aloud yourself, then play the recording and read with it.

The persistent thrill of a transfiguring touch
Persuaded the inert black quietude
And beauty and wonder disturbed the fields of God.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-01 F-20]


Then through the pallid rift that seemed at first
Hardly enough for a trickle from the suns,
Outpoured the revelation and the flame.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-01 F-24]


Affranchised from the respite of fatigue
Once more the rumour of the speed of Life
Pursued the cycles of her blinded quest.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-01 F-46]


In her there was the anguish of the gods
Imprisoned in our transient human mould,
The deathless conquered by the death of things.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-05]


A vaster Nature's joy had once been hers,
But long could keep not its gold heavenly hue
Or stand upon this brittle earthly base.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-06]


Against the evil at life's afflicted roots,
Her own calamity its private sign,
Of her pangs she made a mystic poignant sword.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-25]


In a deep cleft of silence twixt two realms
She lay remote from grief, unsawn by care,
Nothing recalling of the sorrow here.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-28]

Afflicted by his harsh divinity,
Bound to his throne, he waited unappeased
The daily oblation of her unwept tears.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-36]


The sacrifice of suffering and desire
Earth offers to the immortal Ecstasy
Began again beneath the eternal Hand.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-38]


Awake she endured the moments' serried march
And looked on this green smiling dangerous world,
And heard the ignorant cry of living things.
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-02 F-39]

Savitri Three Line Exercise End