Savitri | a Legend and a Symbol    


Help : The main purpose of this website is to make available to listeners Savitri in an Audio from as recited by Shraddhavan

The Savitri Canto Recordings webpage at this site has links to the webpages for individual cantos, books, parts and the whole of Savitri itself. The loading of individual canto pages take a little time as the 'metadata' related to an audio file is downloaded at the time of loading a canto page so that the reader can know the time that it will take to play a particular sentence.

The individual pages have embedded links to listen to a whole section on a continuous basis. The audio control can be clicked to play a section and the player will stop after a section is played. The audio control has a play/pause/replay feature and a volume control that can be used at any time during playback. For example to play Section one of Book One :

Book One Play Section One
[Savitri B-01 C-01 S-01]

On the other hand one can also listen to individual sentences in a 'looped' manner by clicking on the play button. A sentence is interpreted as a full stop . (or sometimes a :) in any group of lines. Each sentences in Savitri at this website is sytematiclly named as B-bb C-cc S-ss F-ff and this numbering is unique. The only exception is Book 12 Epilogue which in the book has no canto number, hence sentences are numbered as B-bb S-ss F-ff.

The sentence will be continuously played until stopped by the reader. For example to play the last sentence of Savitri from Book Twelve:

She brooded through her stillness on a thought

Deep-guarded by her mystic folds of light,

And in her bosom nursed a greater dawn.

[Savitri B-12 S-03 F-06]

The looping is provided as it helps to focus on the meaning of long sentences and also to imbibe the mantric power of Savitri.

It is possible to accidentally play more than one sentence if the earlier playback has not been stopped. In that case just stop the earlier playback.

The readers are welcome to send their feedback and suggestions to the webmaster at Email: